HPGM Fall Summit Event Details

Owning Your Story

Odalys Jasmine, Hella Latin@

In this introspective keynote, Odalys Jasmine will discuss the importance of owning our story and how it can lead to opportunities, liberation, and healing. You'll learn how to tap into your story, own your story, and craft your story, but most importantly, you'll walk away ready to flex your truest, most sazón-filled authenticity every day in every space. 

Option A: Negotiation and Self-Advocacy  

Dr. Kristie Rogers, Marquette University

This 60-minute workshop focuses on strategies and tactics for influencing others in negotiations. Participants will have opportunities to apply these concepts and strategies to solve problems in a hypothetical negotiating scenario, and consider day-to-day applications in their work roles. To conclude, Dr. Rogers will provide resources to learn more, and a tool to diagnose your individual negotiation style. 

Option B: Personal Brand Laser Session

Rosario Sanchez Ledesma, LIFECAMP

A strong personal brand allows your authentic self to be visible to your colleagues, boss, subordinates, and your network. Gain a competitive advantage by strengthening your narrative one step at a time. Complete a thorough inventory about yourself, what is most important to you, and how you want to be known. Begin the branding process by writing a draft tagline so that others understand quickly what you are about.

Fireside Chat: How to Translate Potential and Opportunity into Action, Power and Influence

Milwaukee native, Joaquin Altoro is a political appointee to the role of Administrator of Rural Housing Service (RHS)/USDA where he oversees programs that build or improve housing in rural areas. Prior to serving in Washington D.C., he served as CEO and Executive Director of Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA). In this fireside chat, Joaquin gets real about his experience as a Milwaukee Latino, navigating various spaces and staying true to who he is on his personal road to D.C.

Best Practices for an Inclusive Workspace

Join us for an interactive session with representatives from Kohl’s and Molson Coors on best practices for creating an inclusive workplace for Hispanic and Latino professionals. Hear from DEI and BRG leaders including time to network with resource groups across various industries and companies. You can be a culture gladiator from any seat at your organization!

Facilitators include Omar Velaochaga (Diversity and Inclusion, Senior Manager at Kohl's), Rebecca Belville (Human Resources Leader and D&I Practitioner at Kohl's), Cesar Belmontes (Sr. Manager, Forecasting & Demand Planning) and Katie Wesner (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Program Manager at Molson Coors).