Applications for our 2023 HPGM Scholarship Program are closed! Meet our 2023 recipients HERE and check back for information on next year's application process. 

The HPGM Scholarship Program was created to address the additional financial barriers that many Hispanic and Latino students face in the pursuit of post-secondary education or training. The Scholarship Program strives to support the education, retention, and graduation of Latino and Hispanic students. The scholarship is open to students pursuing two-year, undergraduate, and advanced degrees in Wisconsin.

Every year, our higher education partners and scholarship sponsors demonstrate their commitment to Latino students by matching scholarship funds 1:1. In partnership with five Milwaukee-area institutions, who match HPGM designated scholarship funds, approximately 20 scholarships are awarded at the conclusion of the spring semester.

Additionally, HPGM has partnered with the Wisconsin Hispanic Lawyers Association (WHLA) to provide scholarships for Hispanic students attending University of Wisconsin Law School and Marquette University Law School. One student from each law school will be awarded the HPGM/WHLA Law School Scholarship. 

Students are presented with their scholarship at the Annual HPGM Scholarship Reception in June. During this event, students and their loved ones have the opportunity to create connections face-to-face with their scholarship sponsors and matching partner representatives.

Since 2004, HPGM has awarded more than $800,000 to 220 Hispanic students throughout Wisconsin.

Click here to support the HPGM Scholarship Fund. 

Click here to support the WHLA/HPGM Law Scholarship fund.





What are the application requirements for the HPGM Scholarship? Check out our helpful checklist here.

When is the deadline to apply? Friday, March 17, 2023.

What is best practice for successfully submitting my application? Read all requirements and prepare materials prior to submitting. It is recommended that you complete the application and attach all required documents at once. The system will not allow applicants to submit incomplete applications, so be sure to have everything ready to go!

If I received an HPGM scholarship in the past, am I eligible again? Yes.

I'm a high school student or incoming freshman with college credits. Can I apply for the scholarship? No. Only current college students accepted and enrolled in two-year, undergraduate or advanced degrees may apply.

How current does my letter of recommendation have to be? Letters of recommendation should be dated within the last six months or current academic year.

Who should I ask to be a recommender? It is strongly preferred that a recommender be an instructor, employer, advisor, coach or mentor who can speak to your leadership development, academics, community involvement and potential for impact.

Can I ask the same recommender to submit a letter of recommendation? Yes, you can ask the same recommender, but the letter must be current. Please do not resubmit the same letter of recommendation from previous applications.

When will I be notified about the scholarship decision? Scholarship decisions will be confirmed in May 2023. Only awarded scholarship recipients will be notified.

As a law school student, can I apply to both the Advanced Degree and Law School Scholarship? No, you can only apply to one scholarship. 

If I'm awarded a scholarship, can I use funds for books, housing or other fees? No, scholarship funds can only be used towards tuition. 

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