Mission: To embrace and ignite the PODEROSA in ALL Latinas through the creation of supportive spaces for our community to gather, heal, and thrive juntas.

About: Established in 2022, Poderosa Collective (PC) is a community born of passion and creative collaboration. The group, made up of Latinas in Wisconsin, strives to curate spaces where Latinas feel empowered, celebrated, and united. The movement uplifts the voices, contributions, and talents of Latinas from all backgrounds. Serving as a connector and convener for the Latina community in Greater Milwaukee, PC provides experiences and access to resources for and by Latina-owned businesses and Latina-led organizations to unleash their magic.


Francesca Mayca Wegner, President & Chief Possibilities Officer | HPGM. Andrea Mendez Barrutia, Founder | MiVoz. Mariyam Nayeri, Founder | Vibrant Vida Wellness. Patty Aguilera-Checa, Founder | Latinas Connect Milwaukee. Sonia Saunders, Founder | Mujerón Movement. Aurora Rodriguez, Director of Booking | Fiserv Forum. Nataly Andrade Sánchez, Co-Founder | Mercadera. Galy Montes, Co-Founder | Mercadera.

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What does being a poderosa mean to us?We’re reclaiming what it means to be a poderosa and invite you to come as you are. Attend Poderosa Collective events and experiences to feel uplifted, connected, and supported in a safe space that nourishes your body, mind, and soul. Be unapologetically you and unleash your inner poderosa.


Thank you to all our amigas who attended the 2023 PC experience, Celebrating Our Magic. We can't wait until next year! In the meantime, consider becoming a PC member below to stay up to date on all the latest.

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